The Logo Design Process
As designers we all know that the logo design process is arduous, at many of times heart breaking, and sometimes very rewarding. We often preach NOT FALLING IN LOVE WITH OUR WORK but somehow, someway we always seem to have a favorite proposal in the bunch. Be weary here. I don't intend to say that some proposals are above others. All of the proposals are meaningful and well thought out. I like to think that they are ALL great solutions; it's just that sometimes we favor one above the other. At least I do.
My Process
In my experience I have found it easier to offer 3 well thought out proposals. All of them are great visual metaphors, with well thought out concepts, typography that compliments the mark (whether it be an existing family or a custom typeface created specifically for the proposal), and a meaningful color scheme.
Graphic Design vs Fine Art
The difference between these two fields is that Fine Art conveys different meanings to different viewers while Graphic Design should convey one meaning to every viewer. With this said I have created a specific filter for the following sample. The criteria is as follows.
Criteria For The Following Sample
1. I will only showcase the marks. No names. I'm hoping that the graphic within itself will immediately convey the intended meaning.
2. I will include a one line description of the industry it was created for.
3. I've included used and unused proposals in order to keep my clients anonymous.
So here goes...
Regional Medical Center located in Chocaw County
Facial Retraining Professional
Pediatric Dentistry Clinic
Wine Festival that took place during an Art Festival (live music included)
Wine Sommelier Distribution Company
Rebate Program for Teacher's working within Madison County
Healthcare Zone
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